Temporary Employment

The evolution of the labor market requires flexible employment and staffing solutions. As a contemporary, needs-based form of hiring, temporary employment could be an important strategic move for your company.


Request: Your job description will serve as the basis for the appointment of a suitable candidate. We will present applicants in the form of qualification profiles.

Becoming Acquainted: You will have the opportunity to meet suitable candidates in person during the interview process.

Cost Control: You will only pay for actual hours worked by the employee.

Duration of Employment: The length of the assignment can be limited from the start or terminated with two weeks‘ notice.


With the "try & hire" principle, we offer companies and applicants an effective alternative solution: Use temporary employment as a "getting-to-know you" phase for a subsequent permanent position!


All contracts are based on and subject to the collective agreements from July 22, 2003 (as amended) entered into by the German Association of Temporary Employment and Personnel Services (Bundesarbeitgeberverband der Personaldienstler e.V.) and the DGB Temporary Employment Collective Union (DGB Tarifgemeinschaft Zeitarbeit).




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