Outplacement / Direct Placement

The separation of an employee is an unpleasant but often unavoidable occurence. We offer individually-tailored plans that will provide new employment opportunities for your departing employee as expeditiously as possible. We begin with outplacement and, as needed, progress to direct placement. This provides effective and targeted assistance for the impacted employee, beginning where the outplacement ends. Collaboration with the departing employee thereby reaches a new level in providing support with the separation process.



Step 1: Support from a professional consultant during the termination discussion.
Step 2: Support for the impacted employee via individual coaching and interview training.


Direct Placement

Step 3: Targeted assistance through collaboration with the company and active marketing of the candidate, as well as the lending of support up until the employee begins with their new employer.


Professional separation management demonstrates a commitment to social responsibility as well as an appreciation for your employees. You will help to ensure new career prospects for your departing employee, avoid litigation and emphasize the positive for your remaining employees, applicants and business partners.



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