Our Offer

Consultation: We will collaboratively define and analyze your vacant position and create a job description.

Identification: Our targeted searches will look for the right candidates for you. We will consider recent applicants, contact candidates directly and also evaluate our extensive candidate database.

Presentation: We will select suitable candidates from the applicant pool, conduct initial interviews, examine letters of recommendation and educational degrees and, upon request, obtain references. Based on the comprehensive job description, we will present only those candidates that meet the defined requirements.

Decision: We will arrange in-house interviews for promising candidates and continue to guide the process until a decision has been reached.


Your Benefits

Confidentiality: Using our service as a "neutral body," you can initially remain anonymous when filling/refilling a position.

Time Savings: As we manage the entire recruitment process, you will consequently alleviate your HR department’s workload.

Professionalism: With our extensive experience, we will guide you in finding the right employee.

Fees: You will always have the costs under control. Our payment structure is both transparent and performance-based.


Please contact us if you have vacancies to fill. We would be delighted to advise and assist you. You may reach us via phone at +49 (0) 69 653045-0 or via e-mail at frankfurt[at]



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